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Offering you a complete choice of products which include Shore A & D Rubber Hardness Tester such as Bluesteel Shore A Hardness Tester SHR – A – GOLD, Bluesteel Rubber Hardness Tester Shore A And Shore D, Digital Shore A Hardness Tester and Rubber Hardness Tester SHORE A.


Dial Type  Rubber Hardness Tester Application Shore A is designed to measure the penetration hardness of rubber, elastomers and other rubber like substances such as neoprene, silicone, and vinyl. It can also be used for soft plastics, felt, leather and similar materials.


Bluesteel Rubber Hardness Tester Shore A And Shore D

              METHODS OF HARDNESS TESTER TYPE   INDENTOR DESCRIPTION APPLICATION A Truncated cone with 35° + 0.25°   included angle Soft rubber, Elastomers B Conical with 30° + 1.00° included angle Rubber and Elastomers, willow (wood) C Truncated cone with 35°+ 0.25° included angle Medium hard rubber, plastic D Conical with 30° + 1.00°  included angle Hard […]



Bluesteel Shore A Hardness Tester SHR – A – GOLD

Shore hardness tester (duro meter) MODEL : SHR – A – GOLD APPLICATION Soft vulcanized rubber and all elastometrics, Such as: naturalrubber, SBR, neoprene, nitrile rubbers, flexible polyester, castresins etc. Also used for wax, felt, leather & other materials such as cheese cones in textile industry. RANGE Direct reading graduated to read from 0 to […]

Rubber Hardness Tester

Available with us are rubber hardness testers that are high in performance and are easy to operate. Rubber hardness testers are widely used across different industries, these rubber hardness tester are engineered to perfection adopting innovative technologies. We also endeavor to satisfy our clients spread worldwide by offering our range of rubber hardness tester as […]