Baker Measuring Instruments.

Item Code: BAKER We are authorised dealer for baker items We have  150mm,200mm,300mm 500mm digital ,dial and plain verniar caliper. We have all sizes  of micrometers,dial indicators,lever dials,dialthickness gauges We have ready stock baker hip  thread plug and ring gauges. We are largest seller of gujarat baker measuring instruments We have authorised  dealer  and service centre […]



Dial Depth Gauge Baker

Salient Features:  Suitable for quick and easy measurements of depths. Base with 80 mm length hardened and ground to a high degree of flatness. Supplied with a set of extension rods for measurement of wide variety of depths. Supplied with Tungsten Carbide contact point for longer life.. For the American market, Depth Gauges meeting the […]

Dial Indicator

Item Code: J72 Salient Features: Includes actual calibration certificate. Supplied to company standard. Suppled in INCH and METRIC least count.   Technical Data Sheet   Bezel dia Type Reading Range Graduation 88mm J72 0.01 mm 50.0mm 0-100 88mm J76 0.001 inch 2.0 inch 0-100



Dial Gauge

Item Code: K56 Salient Features:  The metric gauges for markets like India, Europe, South America, Japan etc. conform to IS, ISO & DIN JIS specifications with anvil thread M2.5 and clamping stem dia.8mm. The inch gauges for U.S.A and Canada markets conform to ANSI specifications with anvil thread #4-48 UNF and clamping stem dia. 3/8inch. Technical […]

Plunger Dial Gauge

Item Code: K40 Salient Features:  Small dial diameter – convenient for use where the larger dial diameters are not possible to be used particularly in small places. Ideal for smaller bore gauges like 10 to 18mm Bore gauges. Available in INCH and METRIC least counts in continous or balanced graduations…. Technical Data Sheet Bezel dia Type Reading […]



Digital Height Gauge

Item Code: DH Robustly constructed, Stainless Steel column with clearly marked scale graduation. A clear Multifunction Digital LCD display runs smoothly on the Analog vertical scale. Fine adjustment with lock provided for ease of setting. For easy and precise maneuverability the base has a specially designed thumb grip. Carbide tipped scriber. Functions consist of Power ON/OFF, […]

Dial Bore Gauge

Salient Features:  Small bores from 10mm to 18mm. Highly versatile 18-50mm bore gauge covers a large range for which one needs to generally purchase 2 bore gauges having ranges Ø 18-35mm and Ø 35-60mm. The third bore gauge covering a range of 50-150 mm, is widely used in Automobile, Aircraft, Engine and Pump manufacturers. High […]



Dial Thickness Gauge

Item Code: K130 Available in different throat depths, suitable for different measurement requirements. In series J130, J138/L, and J142, measurement pressure is independent of the user, resulting in accurate readings of thickness without personal bias. J138. ‘Push Down Type’ thickness gauge is particularly useful where fine measurement is not required – for example plywood. Pushing down […]

Digital Micrometer

Item Code: DMM Digital Micrometers Available upto 100 mm. Each micrometer supplied with a certificate of calibration. Real value for money.



Precision External Micrometers (Analog)

 METRIC IS 2967 – 1983 ISO 3611 – 1978 DIN 863 (Part 1) – 1999 JIS B 7502 – 1994  INCH American Standard (FEDERAL GGG-C-105C) Other Information  Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer) Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece Port of Dispatch: Ahmedabad Delivery Time: Ex stock

Master Setting Rings/Discs

Masters form the base standards when it comes to comparative measurement of components on the shop floor. Master Setting Rings and Discs when calibrated become the basic operational standards in general metal working industry.



Digital Calipers

Item Code: SDN Attractive shape and elegant design complimented by uncompromising performance

Dial Caliper Types

Item Code: DC Salient Features: Clear, Easy to read graduated dial with Adjustable Bezel With 0.02mm Least Count Shock Proof movement. Checks OD, ID, Step and Depth Accuracy as per DIN 862 Available in Three Ranges         DC 10 – 0 to 150mm        DC 20 – 0 to 200mm        DC 30 – 0 to 300mm  Robust, […]



Vernier Calipers

Item Code: VC Salient Features: With fine adjustment With 0.02mm/0.001” Least Count Checks OD, ID, Step and Depth Accuracy as per DIN 862 Available in Three Ranges                VCF 10 – 0 to 130mm / 0 to 5”               VCF 20 – 0 to 180mm / 0 to 7”               VCF 30 – 0 to 280mm / 0 […]

Crank Shaft Gauge

Item Code: CS For the American market, Universal Test Set meeting the requirements of AGD standard available.