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We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of ultrasonic thickness gauge, digital ultrasonic thickness gauge and coating thickness gauge that are an easy to use thickness gauge and utilizes a magnetic method to make fast, accurate and repeatable measurement on metal and non metal material. These gauges are used for measuring the wall and the base thickness on bottles with complex shapes without cutting. Moreover, these can also measure pre-form thickness of various material.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge SAMSONIC

Item Code: Utg-444 specification:- · Transducer : φ10mm 4. 0 mhz transducer · Display : 4-digital lcd display · Minimum display unit: 0. 1mm · Working frequency : 5 mhz · Measuring range : 1. 2 to 220mm(steel) · Minimum limit for tube measuring : 20 * 3mm(steel) · Accuracy: ± (1% h + 0. […]



Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Item Code: Utg-555 specification:- · Display : 4-digital lcd display · Minimum display unit: 0. 1mm · Working frequency : 5 mhz · Measuring range : 1. 2 to 225. 0mm(steel) · Minimum limit for tube measuring : φ 20 * 3mm(steel) · Accuracy: ± (1% h + 0. 1) mm, h denotes the measured […]

Concrete Thickness Gauge

Item Code: TC300 Features: Brief Introduction: TC300 is used for measuring the thickness of nonmetallic plate indirectly, especially for concrete slab. This gauge is to measure the concrete slab thickness mainly by using distribution characteristics of electromagnetic field and possesses functions of thickness measurement, data analysis, data storage & output etc. It is a kind […]



Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Item Code: UTM-5 Digital ultrasonic thickness gauge Model: – utm 5 make:- samsonic Display: lcd display with backlight Range: 1. 0~200mm (45 # steel) Resolution: 0. 1 mm Accuracy: ± 0. 5% n + 0. 1 Sound velocity: 500 ~ 9000m/s Operating condition: temp. 0~ 40c humidity <80% Power supply :- 4 x 1. 5v […]

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Samsonic

Item Code: TT-100         Ultrasonic            Thickness Gauge            TT-100 SAMSONIC               Technical Specification :- Item Parameter Measuring  Range  0.7 ~ 250.00mm Minimum Display Unit 0.1 / 0.01 Display Accuracy ± (1%H + 0.06)mm Lower  Limit Of Pipe Measured (STEEL) Ø 20 X 3.0mm (STANDARD PROBE) Sound Velocity […]



Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

Item Code: TT100 Offering Portable Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges Time TT-100. Features:- Portable size and easy operation Suitable for any metallic and non-metallic materials ultrasonic can go through Self-compensating of nonlinearity function is supplied for correction of pickup nonlineasity 10 measuring values can be recorded for TT100,TT110,TT130;100 measuring values can be recorded for TT140 optional 2.5MHz, […]

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges UTG 111

Item Code: UTG111-UTG222 We are offering digital ultrasonic thickness gauge that is available in model UTG111/UTG222. It is based on the same operating principles as SONAR, the instrument is capable of measuring the thickness of various material with accuracy as high as 0.1/0.01 millimeters. These gauges are capable of performing measurements on a wide range […]