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Providing you the best range of GAL WELDING GAUGES such as Automatic Weld Gauge (Gal Gage), Hi-Low Welding Gauge Gal, Single Purpose Hi-Low Welding Gauge GAL, Adjustable Weld Fillet Gauge (GAL USA), Weld Fillet Gauge, Bridge Cam Gauge and many more items with effective & timely delivery.

Universal Welding Gauges

Item Code: GAL.USA We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting a comprehensive range of universal welding gauge that is available with the item code: UWG. These weld gauges are equivalent to English and Japanese universal welding gauge, which is a multi-purpose weld gauge deliberated for general dimensional inspection of welded fabrications. In these, close tolerances […]



Bridge Cam Gauge

Item Code: UWG UNIVERSAL WELD GAUGE, equivalent to English and Japanese universal welding gauges, is a multi-purpose weld gauge intended for general dimensional inspection of welded fabrications, where close toleranes are not expected. It is not used where high accuracy is needed.   Many years of experience have resulted in substantial improvements, co-planer marks on […]

Adjustable Weld Fillet Gauge (GAL USA)

                  Technical Specification:- Measure any fillet weld to 1/32″ accuracy with just one simple to use gauge. Measuring fillet welds used to be a trial with complicated or inaccurate gauges. Not any more. Now you can measure fillet welds from 1/8″ to 1″ (with ±1/32″ accuracy) with […]



Single Purpose Hi-Low Welding Gauge GAL

                  Technical Specification:- 4 quick steps check internal alignment You can check the internal alignment of your fit-up quickly with the G.A.L. HI-LO gauge. 1. Unlock the retaining screw. Press the gauge legs beyond the barrel. 2. Insert the legs (wires) into the root gap space or […]

Hi-Low Welding Gauge Gal

                  Technical Specification:- Hi Lo Welding Gauge MEASURES INTERNAL ALIGNMENT of pipe after fit-up / alignment, cuts radiographic rejects. Hi Lo Welding Gauge measures internal misalignment of pipe before and after tacking. Hi Lo Gauge Measurements read in standard one side, and metric on the opposite side. […]



Automatic Weld Gauge (Gal Gage)

With the new improved GAL Gauge A.W.S. Gauge shown above it is possible to meet specifications of butt and fillet type welds. New designed instrument is pocket sized and easy to operate, new feature includes thumb screw which replaces old hard to operate rivet type. Diagrams at left illustrate the ease with which welders and […]