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We offer high quality of Digital Coating Thickness Gauge. Statistics (Number of readings, average, Std. deviation, max. & min.) are updated with every reading and displayed simultaneously. It helps to decide how many readings are to be taken. Continue taking readings till you start getting reasonably consistent statistics.

Dial Type Elcometer & Coating Thickness Gauges

Coatmeter Fixed Probe Fixed probe type Coatmeter is a family of Coatmeters designed on the magnetic principle. It is available in three different models and customer can select the appropriate model depending upon his accuracy requirements and application. All these models are useful for measurement of thickness of non – magnetic coating on magnetic base […]



Coating Thickness Gauge Mikrotest 6 G

Item Code: mikrotest6g Coating Thickness Gauge Mikrotest 6 G  Elektrophysik Germany for quick, precise, and non-destructive measurement of * Electroplating * Nickle Coating * Phosphating * Paint * Plastic * Enamel etc. on steel Coating Thickness Gauge Mikrotest 6 G  Elektrophysik Germany Application Micro Test for every application the Balance measuring system ensures accurate readings at […]

DFT-222 paint thickness meter

FEATURES 128*128 dot matrix LCD display, standard menu operations; Two measure mode : single and continuous; Two group mode: direct (dir) and general (gen), readings will be lost when power off in direct mode, and not be lost in general mode. 80 readings can be stored for each group; Zero point calibration and multi-point calibration […]

dft-222 (2)

Elektrophysik Coating Gauge

We have banana type and digital type elektrophysik  coating thickness gauge: model:- mikrotest f6 range:- 0 to 1000 micron made in germany



Digital Coating Thickness Gauge

Item Code: TT-211 We are the leading Supplier of Digital Coating Thickness Gauge. DIGITAL COATING GAUGE TT211 TIME RANGE:- 0 TO 1250 MICRON BRAND:- TIME,CHINA.

Paint Micron Coating Thickness Gauge

Item Code: DFT111 DFT 111Digital Coating Thickness Gauge   • Magnetic induction method (ISO 2178, ASTM D7091), Measurement of non-magnetic coatings on magnetic substrates.Features • Very compact size with integrated probe.  • Data memory is up to 500 readings. • Ready to measure immediately without calibration. • Easy to perform zero-point correction provides correct measurement […]