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We have all types of NDT instruments like ,
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Radiography Film Viewer
Dye penetrant Testing Kit
Magnetic Particle Testing Machine and Accesories
Portable Hardness Tester
Coating Thickness Gauge
Surface Finish Machine Checking Machine

High Intensity Radiography Film Viewers

We are engaged in offering a wide range of radiography film viewer that is available with two types of radiography film viewer. The varieties are mobile type CFL light with light weight portable viewer and have density up to 2.5. The other one is of high intensity portable compact viewer with density up to 4.5 […]



Rebar Locator

Item Code: TC100 Features:- Brief Introduction: TC100 is used to detect the thickness of concrete covering layer and rebar diameter. Besides, it can detect the location of magnetic substance and electric conductor in non-magnetic and non-conductive medium, e.g. cable inside wall body and water & heating pipe etc. This instrument is a kind of intelligent […]

Gauss Meter

We have  western make (Made in canada) Gauge meter for using magnetic testing inspection. Range :  -20 to +20 and -10 to + 10