Ultrasonic Probes And Blocks

ultrasonic_probes_and_blocks[1]We are offering a precision engineered range of ultrasonic probes, cables and blocks that is manufactured using high grade SS and die cast housings. These are available in varied sizes, designs as per the requirements of our clients and our range of product also includes non destructive testing instrument, dual magnetization yoke. Our range can bear outstanding features and is rigorously checked for high performance, durability, reliability and easy operation standards. Moreover, with special attachments for Indian railways for axle testing, we also offer optional test certificate. We offer varieties of ultrasonic probes, such as Normal Probe, Angle Probe and T-R probe.





The different models of ultrasonic test blocks are as follows:

  • V1 IIW type, conforming to IS – 4904 – 82, with wooden box and handle, material MS
  • V2 miniature calibration block conforming to IS – 4904 – 82 with wooden box, material MS / SS
  • VW step block with different steps from 1mm to 10mm, material MS/ SS
  • AA area / amplitude set (1 set = 8 blocks)
  • DAA distance / area amplitude set (1 set = 10 blocks)
  • DA distance / amplitude set (1 set = 19 blocks)


The different models of ultrasonic cables are as follows:

  • LEMO 1 to LEMO 1
  • LEMO 1 to LEMO “00″
  • LEMO 1 to LEMO “00″ (dual type)
  • LEMO 1 to BNC
  • BNC to LEMO “00″
  • BNC to LEMO “00″ (dual type)
  • LEMO “00″ to LEMO “00″
  • LEMO “00″ to LEMO “00″ (dual type)
  • BNC to BNC
  • LEMO “-1″ to microdot
  • BNC to Microdot
  • LEMO “00″ to microdot